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Zeki Sarıbekir / Sarten Ambalaj
Cem Uygun / ISS Türkiye
Erce Kaşlıoğlu / Mata Otomotiv
Hüsnü Özyeğin - Murat Özyeğin / FİBA Holding
Vamık Kural / Komet Turizm ve Denizcilik
Ercan Kahraman / ÇEPAŞ Galvaniz
Hikmet Demir / KROS Otomotiv
Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU / Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
Mehmet Batur / Bella Tekstil
Selçuk Yorgancıoğlu / The Abraaj Group
Emine Kamışlı - Çağatay Özdoğru / Esas Holding
Yvon Legrand / Cheque Dejeuner Holding Internationale
Emre Kurttepeli / Mynet Group
Seymur Tarı / Turkven Private Equity
Barış Özistek / SHR Group - Joygame
Kazım Akalın / Game Sultan - PaytoGo
Metin Kalkavan - Alkın Kalkavan / Turkon Holding
İhsan Sancay / Global Capital Management
Emir Yargıcı / Yargıcı
Kazım Türker / Türkerler Holding
Ahu Serter / Farplas
Mürşit Unat / Boğaziçi Investments A.Ş.
Dr. İsmail G. Esin / Baker & McKenzie
İsmail Uzelli / Sensormatic Güvenlik Hizmetleri
Enver Gocay / Eko Faktoring
Moiz Zilberman / Mata Ahşap ve Otomotiv A.Ş.
Cem Bakioğlu / Bakioğlu Holding
Levent Akgerman / AKG Gazbeton
Anthony Stalker / ADM Capital
Ahmet Tataroğlu / NBK Capital
Emin Hitay / Hitay Investment Holdings
Ali Rıza Tükenmez / DDS
Burçhan Cemiloğlu / Unitim Retail Group
Galip Yorgancıoğlu / Diageo
Galip Selçuk - Barlas Balcıoğlu / Dentons Managing Partner
Tarık Duru / Duru Group
Mete İkiz / NBGI Private Equity
Çağrı Alkaya - Şükran Tümay / Oxygen Consultancy


Zeki Sarıbekir Zeki Sarıbekir
Sarten Ambalaj
Having 18 factories, three of which are abroad, our company Sarten is the market and technology leader in the Turkish packaging industry. In recent years, we have established a partnership with Mitsui, one of Japan's well-established companies, to make Sarten the number one packaging company in our region. Having Mitsui on our side, even as a minority shareholder, we gained a competitive edge in a much wider region. Under the leadership of Tarık Şarlıgil, 3 Seas Capital Partners’...
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Cem Uygun Cem Uygun
ISS Türkiye
Chairman of the Board
CMC is an independent outsourcing call center in Turkey which was established in 2000 and acquired by ISS in 2007. During the share sale process, we preferred to work with 3 Seas Capital Partners as our advisor rather than other international investment banks. Advisory team provided the desired level of satisfaction to ISS Group which performs hundreds of M&A transactions every year in various countries. I would like to say that we are pleased with 3 Seas Capital Partners Team’s e...
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Erce Kaşlıoğlu Erce Kaşlıoğlu
Mata Otomotiv
I met with Emre Erginler and 3 Seas Capital Partners in 2007, during my partnership process with Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter and Moiz Zilberman, in order to grow my company Mata. Our collaboration with 3 Seas Capital Partners continues to this day. Emre Erginler and 3 Seas Capital Partners were with us throughout the globalization processes of our company Mata, a fully export-oriented company that manufactures handmade interior wood products as well as decorative fiber pieces for leadi...
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Hüsnü Özyeğin Hüsnü Özyeğin
FİBA Holding
Murat Özyeğin Murat Özyeğin
FİBA Holding
Board Member
We have done a great deal of efficient, consistent work with 3 Seas Capital Partners, almost since its first day of operation. Compared to the other international investment banks in the region, 3 Seas Capital Partners has additional distinguishing merits: the firm has superior prevalence within local culture, closer follow-up in real sectors and their dynamics, a better understanding of Turkish business people and the ability to work directly and in closer relationships with co...
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Vamık Kural Vamık Kural
Komet Turizm ve Denizcilik
We have managed to grow our company Komet since 1987 and reached 174 offices globally. We worked with 3 Seas Capital Partners under the leadership of Erkan Kurt during the sale process of Komet Turizim ve Denizcilik to Marmedsa, which is the leading maritime and logistics company in Iberian Peninsula. Even though the political and economic environment have had a negative impact on logistics, our advisors informed us in each step about possible outcomes as they understood the logistic...
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Ercan Kahraman Ercan Kahraman
ÇEPAŞ Galvaniz
Vice Presient
We managed to turn Çepaş, established in 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs, into a leading company in the international arena and attract the attention of the world's leading companies in 10 years. We met İbrahim Arınç, while we were pondering what we could do to ensure the future of our hard worked company. İbrahim Arınç and his team presented potential partner candidates with the right partnership structure for Çepaş and prepared a road map for us in a short period of time. T...
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Hikmet Demir Hikmet Demir
KROS Otomotiv
General Manager
As Kros Otomotiv, we met 3 Seas Capital Partners team in the first days of our strategy to invest in different sectors. During the M&A process, 3 Seas Capital Partners managed to keep the parties at the table; when the negotiations were intensified they managed the tensions of the parties around the same purpose. They diligently helped us to finalize our investment successfully. Their business analysis and financial analysis in the process helped us to determine our decisions during ...
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Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
Chairman and CEO
We have been in collaboration with 3 Seas Capital Partners for a long time. In a crucial and sensitive industry such as healthcare, every action and decision taken on behalf of a well-established, reliable, and leading institution such as Florence Nightingale, must entail the utmost attention and care. We duly expect the same level of attention and care from all business partners in every aspect of our business. We have achieved a significant and efficient working relationship with 3 S...
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Mehmet Batur Mehmet Batur
Bella Tekstil
Chairman of the Board
Founded in 1993 by Michel Van de Velde, The Woody Group is engaged in the distribution of pajamas and nightwear products in many European countries under Lords & Lilies, MANNED and Woody brands. We were informally discussing a potential acquisition opportunity with the owner of JellyCoe BVBA, which holds the trademark and distribution rights of The Woody Group. And in 2017, when we had the right opportunity and at the right time, we actively started the acquisition process with Erkan...
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Selçuk Yorgancıoğlu Selçuk Yorgancıoğlu
The Abraaj Group
Partner, Regional Head Central Asia and Turkey
I consider 3 Seas Capital Partners a reliable partner in deal origination, execution and post-closing processes. What differentiates them is their ability to reach new targets with credible introductions, their "holding power”, which indicates that they are present until the job gets done, and their constructive attitude towards all related parties throughout the process. This combination of unique competencies helps us as a client to get the deals done successfully and effectiv...
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Emine Kamışlı Emine Kamışlı
Esas Holding
Vice Chairman
Çağatay Özdoğru Çağatay Özdoğru
Esas Holding
Board Member and CEO
3 Seas Capital Partners has always been one of the pioneers of M&A activities here in Turkey. They have a great team with vast investment banking experience and strong relations with leading companies. We feel very comfortable in doing business with them and we perceive them as a reliable partner. We congratulate 3 Seas Capital Partners on its 10th anniversary and hope to continue working with them in the next 10 years to come.       ...
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Yvon Legrand Yvon Legrand
Cheque Dejeuner Holding Internationale
Towards the end of 2009, Groupe Cheque Dejeuner, the international holding that I represent, had an opportunity to make an important acquisition that would facilitate its development in Turkey. 3 Seas Capital Partners was recommended to us by a friend from Strasbourg. Following a second esteemed recommendation by a World Bank official responsible for Turkey and Asia Minor, we decided to entrust this deal to 3 Seas Capital Partners, a member of IMAP. The transaction was very comp...
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Emre Kurttepeli Emre Kurttepeli
Mynet Group
Founder and CEO
    We have been working in the internet and technology sector with 3 Seas Capital Partners for more than seven years now. During this period we have completed seven deals under their advisory, some of which were highly complex transactions including multiple parties. We see 3 Seas Capital Partners as an investment bank with value-added and strategic perspective in the fast-growing Internet sector in Turkey, and wish them continued success in the coming years.   ...
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Seymur Tarı Seymur Tarı
Turkven Private Equity
Managing Director
3 Seas Capital Partners has blazed a trail as a leading corporate finance firm since it started operations 10 years ago. The 3 Seas Capital Partners team has a track record of successful deals, including complex transactions involving multiple parties. 3 Seas’ loyal and high level client base is the result of their distinct focus on client needs and the collaborative approach they embrace while working with shareholders and management. We view 3 Seas as a key...
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Barış Özistek Barış Özistek
SHR Group - Joygame
We met 3 Seas Capital Partners almost two years ago and due to their outstanding reputation in the market, we chose them as our investment bankers. After several months we realized that we had made the best possible choice. 3 Seas Capital Partners provided service beyond our expectations. In addition to their investment banking services, the team advised us on management and financial issues which were not within the scope of their services. The value-add they crea...
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Kazım Akalın Kazım Akalın
Game Sultan - PaytoGo
Board Member
  Selling your shares in a company, which you have personally established, is probably one of the toughest decisions to make in your lifetime. Even if you start the process with a defined target, choosing the right partner, valuation of the company and most importantly, structuring a deal that protects your benefits, are highly challenging processes. To be honest, when we appointed 3 Seas Capital Partners, we could not precisely assess the scope of the servic...
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Metin Kalkavan Metin Kalkavan
Turkon Holding
Alkın Kalkavan Alkın Kalkavan
Turkon Holding
Vice General Manager
We hereby declare that this testimonial has been prepared with our appreciation and confidence in 3 Seas Capital Partners with regard to their success in all of the completed transactions for our group companies. Between 2007 and 2011, 3 Seas Capital Partners completed nine successful M&A transactions for our group companies in different sectors, with their enhanced competencies and command in their area. As the successful results of these processes show; 3 Sea...
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İhsan Sancay İhsan Sancay
Global Capital Management
We would like to congratulate 3 Seas Capital Partners on the 10th anniversary of its establishment. We have been working with 3 Seas Capital Partners on different projects for a long time now. Recently, we made a successful investment in Yargıcı which was advised by 3 Seas Capital Partners. 3 Seas Capital Partners, as the sell-side advisor to Yargıcı, has managed the processes smoothly and completed a successful and mutually beneficial transaction. We ...
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Emir Yargıcı Emir Yargıcı
3 Seas Capital Partners advised us during the formation of a successful partnership in the recent years. Throughout this period the company has provided us with their utmost support, responding to all of our needs rapidly, effectively, and seamlessly. The professional and expert team’s management skills, coupled with the extensive knowledge and experience of the partners, have facilitated the process for me, my partners and my colleagues. I believe that 3 Seas ...
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Kazım Türker Kazım Türker
Türkerler Holding
As Türkerler Holding, we met 3 Seas Capital Partners in 2007. From that day forward we have worked together in numerous projects with great satisfaction. 3 Seas Capital Partners has three highly important qualifications that make it superior to its peers: 1. Şevket Başev and all the partners of the company are detail-oriented and in-depth knowledge of the project. 2. They not only come up with the routine solutions but also try hard to provide a variety of cre...
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Ahu Serter Ahu Serter
Board Member and CFO
We have been working with 3 Seas Capital Partners for a long time. Farplas grew exponentially through acquisitions over the last ten years. Through JVs and new investments we became a holding company with more than 10 companies operating in different areas of the automotive sector, household appliances, packaging, chemicals, tourism and construction. Throughout these years, 3 Seas Capital Partners has been our business partner since day one. Their approac...
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Mürşit Unat Mürşit Unat
Boğaziçi Investments A.Ş.
First, I congratulate my esteemed friends and wish them continued success. Since the day 3 Seas Capital Partners was established, we have worked together and have vastly benefited from their know-how and experience in every investment we have made as a company. We have worked with 3 Seas Capital Partners on six different transactions to date. Our experience during the first transaction served as a strong benchmark for the strategic and financial management of our followin...
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Dr. İsmail G. Esin Dr. İsmail G. Esin
Baker & McKenzie
Partner, Turkey
Journeys... Sometimes long sometimes short, some are dangerous and some are joyful. We try and make some choices on the way. After it is all said and done, some question their choices "am I on the wrong track?”, "Does it have a meaning?” Some say "no wind is useful for a ship without a route.” Perhaps they are right, I don’t know. Sometimes we hit the road, a junction comes and some of our friends depart. We bid our farewells and move on. ...
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İsmail Uzelli İsmail Uzelli
Sensormatic Güvenlik Hizmetleri
We worked with 3 Seas Capital Partners for 15 months, starting in May 2010. During this period, we witnessed a number of occasions demonstrating that we had indeed chosen the right advisor. The firm’s first step in establishing one of their many formidable competencies was the roadmap they provided at the very beginning of the transaction. Their predictions with regards to the nature of the process, the stages we would have to overcome, critical decision points, as well as ...
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Enver Gocay Enver Gocay
Eko Faktoring
We have a long term relationship with 3 Seas Capital Partners resting on mutual trust, professionalism and corporate understanding. 3 Seas Capital Partners team provided us with strategic and financial advisory services during the investment process of Bancroft, a private equity company in our region; as a minority shareholder in our company in 2007. All through this process, they approached us with a first-class service understanding. I believe that the Company played...
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Moiz Zilberman Moiz Zilberman
Mata Ahşap ve Otomotiv A.Ş.
3 Seas Capital Partners advised us in 2007 during our acquisition of majority shares in MATA Automotive. Throughout the process, which was highly effective, fast, and result-oriented with ongoing one-to-one meetings, we were reminded of the unique advantages of working with a corporate advisory firm that does not neglect the importance of personal, one-on-one interaction. We witnessed that it is possible to work fast without ignoring the details, and to solve pro...
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Cem Bakioğlu Cem Bakioğlu
Bakioğlu Holding
We founded Kent Hospitals Group in 2004 with a group of businessmen, with the aim of bringing a modern healthcare institution to beautiful İzmir, which is one of the largest business, cultural and economic centers of Turkey. Kent Hospital, established on land of 30,000 square meters with a total closed area of 22,000 square meters on six floors, was constructed according to the Building Guidelines of American Hospitals; with diagnosis and treatment facilities that ar...
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Levent Akgerman Levent Akgerman
AKG Gazbeton
Assigned Member
My first introduction to 3 Seas Capital Partners was made in 2007 with an informational booklet about the company, sent to my address. The detailed and careful presentation and the elegant design of the booklet was a proof that they had the ability to impress a client in many ways. In the following years, at the peak point of the global economic crisis, 3 Seas Capital Partners tried to selflessly help one of our companies. I believe 3 Seas Capital Partners is distin...
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Anthony Stalker Anthony Stalker
ADM Capital
It is hard to believe that such a long time has passed since we spent all those hours analyzing NPL* data! The memories of those moments when we were on Turkish TV channels in our hats with crescent and star are unforgettable. Many things have changed since then and all of us have really progressed a lot. I congratulate you and the 3 Seas Capital Partners team with my sincere wishes of working closely with you in the years to come. *We had joined the Turkish ...
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Ahmet Tataroğlu Ahmet Tataroğlu
NBK Capital
Director, Alternative Investments
With its extensive network, client focused approach and ability to generate creative solutions to solve complex problems, 3 Seas Capital Partners has become a cornerstone in the Turkish finance realm. 3 Seas Capital Partners has been an indispensable partner for us and one that has consistently added value at various stages of our investment process. There is no doubt that they will continue to add onto their successful track record and we hope to continue to ...
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Emin Hitay Emin Hitay
Hitay Investment Holdings
3 Seas Capital Partners has become one of our indispensable business partners in recent years. The valuable strategic insight and support provided by 3 Seas Capital Partners, especially with regards to our Group’s global expansion and international investments carry significant importance for us. 3 Seas Capital Partners’ global business connections and network, along with their professional competencies, satisfy our needs with precision throughout each step a...
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Ali Rıza Tükenmez Ali Rıza Tükenmez
I may well suggest, in view of my personal and professional experience, that the service provided by 3 Seas Capital Partners during the selling process of our company to Erba Diagnostics, and the client experience, was equal to that of any large global investment banking company. The knowledge and experience of the company’s partners as well as the team allocated to us, partner-level attention - especially on strategic decisions during negotiations - and above all, utmost considerat...
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Burçhan Cemiloğlu Burçhan Cemiloğlu
Unitim Retail Group
  We have completed many transactions, primarily in company and brand takeovers which are sensitive and involve multiple parties, with 3 Seas Capital Partners. Our Group manages over 150 retail stores and represents global leading brands in 10 countries in the region including Turkey; they include Accesorize, bebe, Harvey Nichols, Tommy Hilfiger, Camper, and Hakkasan. All of these transactions had buyer candidates from several countries, and involved highly complicated pro...
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Galip Yorgancıoğlu Galip Yorgancıoğlu
Managing Director, Turkey
We had the opportunity to work with 3 Seas Capital Partners in a project in 2011. We authorized 3 Seas Capital Partners as our financial advisor on a project regarding the sale of some of our brands. They systematically managed the project, which had critical steps such as conducting brand valuation analysis, reaching the potential investors, preparation of company profile information and various documentation, coordinating the due diligence process and sales with a pr...
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Galip Selçuk Galip Selçuk
Dentons Managing Partner
Barlas Balcıoğlu Barlas Balcıoğlu
Dentons Managing Partner
3 Seas Capital Partners has an important place in our professional lives. When we were a newly-established law firm in 2007, 3 Seas Capital Partners displayed invaluable faith in us by continuously referring us to their clients. Over the years, we have worked on a numerous transactions, whether it is on the same side or on opposing sides. As we grow together in different areas of this sector, there is one thing that never changes: the respect and enthusiasm we have for...
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Tarık Duru Tarık Duru
Duru Group
3 Seas Capital Partners has been by our side throughout all of our important investment decisions. The 3 Seas Capital Partners team has successfully represented our company since the day we started working together. Following their impeccable performance which was at par with global standards and their sincerity in prioritizing our benefits as their own during the first transaction we executed together lead to our continued working relationship. In addition to th...
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Mete İkiz Mete İkiz
NBGI Private Equity
The way I see it, from the beginning of its establishment a decade ago, 3 Seas Capital Partners started its journey with a different motto in mind: Being close to its clients, providing them complex and well-structured deals and supporting them to the fullest with their deal making capabilities to finalize the transactions, which was certainly much needed back then in the Turkish market. Looking back and evaluating what they’ve accomplished, I believe that my fri...
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Çağrı Alkaya Çağrı Alkaya
Oxygen Consultancy
Şükran Tümay Şükran Tümay
Oxygen Consultancy
We established Oxygen Consultancy in 2002 with the aim of bringing a new approach into the field of recruitment consultancy and have made it one of the leading HR consultancy companies in Turkey over the last 10 years. In our 10th year, with the involvement of our colleagues, who have always been with us during the establishment and growth of Oxygen, we decided that it was time to establish an international partnership to secure the current and future growth of our compan...
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