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Zeki Sarıbekir / Sarten Ambalaj
Cem Uygun / ISS Türkiye
Erce Kaşlıoğlu / Mata Otomotiv
Hüsnü Özyeğin - Murat Özyeğin / FİBA Holding
Vamık Kural / Komet Turizm ve Denizcilik
Ercan Kahraman / ÇEPAŞ Galvaniz
Hikmet Demir / KROS Otomotiv
Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU / Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
Mehmet Batur / Bella Tekstil
Selçuk Yorgancıoğlu / The Abraaj Group
Emine Kamışlı - Çağatay Özdoğru / Esas Holding
Yvon Legrand / Cheque Dejeuner Holding Internationale
Emre Kurttepeli / Mynet Group
Seymur Tarı / Turkven Private Equity
Barış Özistek / SHR Group - Joygame
Kazım Akalın / Game Sultan - PaytoGo
Metin Kalkavan - Alkın Kalkavan / Turkon Holding
İhsan Sancay / Global Capital Management
Emir Yargıcı / Yargıcı
Kazım Türker / Türkerler Holding
Ahu Serter / Farplas
Mürşit Unat / Boğaziçi Investments A.Ş.
Dr. İsmail G. Esin / Baker & McKenzie
İsmail Uzelli / Sensormatic Güvenlik Hizmetleri
Enver Gocay / Eko Faktoring
Moiz Zilberman / Mata Ahşap ve Otomotiv A.Ş.
Cem Bakioğlu / Bakioğlu Holding
Levent Akgerman / AKG Gazbeton
Anthony Stalker / ADM Capital
Ahmet Tataroğlu / NBK Capital
Emin Hitay / Hitay Investment Holdings
Ali Rıza Tükenmez / DDS
Burçhan Cemiloğlu / Unitim Retail Group
Galip Yorgancıoğlu / Diageo
Galip Selçuk - Barlas Balcıoğlu / Dentons Managing Partner
Tarık Duru / Duru Group
Mete İkiz / NBGI Private Equity
Çağrı Alkaya - Şükran Tümay / Oxygen Consultancy



Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
Chairman and CEO

We have been in collaboration with 3 Seas Capital Partners for a long time. In a crucial and sensitive industry such as healthcare, every action and decision taken on behalf of a well-established, reliable, and leading institution such as Florence Nightingale, must entail the utmost attention and care. We duly expect the same level of attention and care from all business partners in every aspect of our business.

We have achieved a significant and efficient working relationship with 3 Seas Capital Partners, who was able to fully grasp our sensitivities and giving us the right advice, in relation to constituting our group’s long-term strategic growth targets, all the while assisting us in making swift but acute decisions in response to developments in our industry, and reacting to sudden events. Throughout this period, 3 Seas Capital Partners team has not only guided and supported us for the preparation of our business model for domestic growth, but also provided the most accurate market intelligence, know-how and sound advice for our international expansion.

Starting from the first phase of our search for a strategic partner with whom Florence Nightingale could envisage its future targets, 3 Seas Capital Partners has been by our side along every step, and has successfully coordinated and managed the partnership process that we have finalized with Fiba Health Investments. It is our belief that we can share our group’s mission and vision with Fiba Group and we are delighted to partner with them. I would like to express my gratitude to 3 Seas Capital Partners team for their superior effort and for being there at every moment we needed them.

3 Seas Capital Partners team was well-aware of the dynamics of the healthcare sector and throughout the process, they managed the valuation discussions backed up with detailed and accurate as is and forward-looking analysis of our industry and our company. Along with helping us agree on a fair value, 3 Seas Capital Partners ran a well-balanced discussion on such a delicate partnership type- an equal partnership between two groups that knew each other before the discussions started. As a result we managed to agree on all principles, which will be the foundation of a long lasting partnership.

I believe and hope that we will be working on many more successful projects in the near future with 3 Seas Capital Partners, with whom we have established a relationship based on professionalism, friendship and trust.


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